Friday, December 9, 2011

Your Weekend - Recommended Blog Reading

Happy freaking Friday!  Oh I am so very happy the weekend is here!  I'm excited to:

1. Sleep in past 6am
2. Drink my morning coffee in a leisurely fashion
3. Stay in my pajamas until lunch
4. Meet some girlfriends for breakfast on Saturday
5. Pick out a paint color for our STILL builder-white laundry room because next week we'll be taking delivery of these babies:


Yes, we got them in cherry red folks.  I was thinking graphite all the way but getting them in red (at a great sale price!) got us a higher quality set for our money.  Plus, red is so much fun and laundry is so....not.  I'm thinking this energetic color in the laundry room will make me smile when I'm sorting my whites from my colors. 

So a full on makeover of the laundry room is in swing!  This first stage will be paints and prettying up the storage situation with bins, jars and baskets.  Ultimately I plan on installing a countertop for folding, some artwork and a new shade for the window.  I'd love a little beadboard here too.  We'll see!  I'll definitely get you some before and afters along the way.

Well, that's my weekend plan. Oh, I also plan on cruising by a few of my favorite blogs to do a closer read (with pajamas on and coffee in hand) of some gorgeous and inspiring posts.  On my list:

Have a plain old tray that needs a glam holiday (or any day really) makeover?  Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms shares a super easy tutorial that will sexy up any bar area with a little gold leaf action.


Have you always wondered how bloggers and magazine types take such dreamy photos?  Head on over to Centsational Girl for tips and "How To's" that will have you taking better photos in no time.


I love fashion blogs and my latest discovery (thank you Pinterest!) is The Daybook.  Sydney is stunning, (that's her in the photo below)  hilarious and she has really great, accessible style.  Be sure to also check out her "Tutorials" page.

The holiday issue of Rue Magazine is out!  I can't wait to sink my teeth into it this morning.  There's lots of eye candy.  A tease:

You read this blog so chances are you've probably reupholstered a basic chair seat or two in your lifetime.  No tutorial necessary for you guys on that thank you very much!  So how about reupholstering a picture-back chair?  Head on over to Design Sponge for a very helpful, step-by-step tutorial.

Made By Girl features the work of an incredible home stylist and decorator Ana Antunes.  I'm drooling over all the pretty going on there.  I am an absolute sucker for detail shots and she doesn't disappoint:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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