Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap and Some Chandy Love

For me this past weekend marked a very significant milestone in my career.  It was my first install as the owner of my own interior design business!

It feels a little something like this:


Everything went incredibly well and my client is extremely happy (seriously the BEST part!) with the changes we made.  The upholstered pieces came out beautifully, the collage wall (a mix of family photos and incredible heirloom objects) is the hands-down show stopper for her and oh yeah, her bookshelves are styled to the hilt.  I'm sort of in love with them.

This is the point where I'd normally whip out some braggy-type photos.....

I haven't taken them yet.  I knoooooow!

It was late when I finished and I just didn't have the heart to take up their entire evening so I could stay and play photographer. 

They're coming, I promise to share!

I've been on dozens and dozens of installs as an employee so I didn't realize the significance of the moment until I was driving home that night.  All of a sudden it hit me...holy crap! I can really do this!  I mean, I wouldn't have gotten myself into this if I didn't honestly believe I had it in me, but in the back of my mind there was a teeny tiny bit of self-doubt.

Could I really pull it together without help from anyone?  Could I make the right decisions for my client?  Could I make it look amazing without a fellow designer to bounce ideas off of?  Could I really and truly make my client happy?  Would I be proud of my work?

Turns out....YES!

Oh thank god!

Once I realized that hey, this was MY install that was successful and MY client who was happy, not "meh" or disillusioned, but honestly happy - I couldn't help it, I started bawling like a baby.  Right there in my car on the I-10.

I couldn't have done it without such an amazing client.  She's definitely spoiled all future clients for me because I'm almost certain they can't all be so easy to work with. 

It feels nothing short of wonderful and I'm feeling confident that I made the right decision to go out on my own.  I know there will be tough times and not-so-flexible-or-fabulous clients but right now, I'm just so excited about the future.

Ahhh...deep breath!   So thanks for indulging me in all of that self-congratulating!

How about some incredible chandeliers?  I love a dramatic chandelier.  They're one element that I think should always make a statement.  Simple drum shades are perfectly fine but there's nothing like a super-hot and sexy chandy to turn some heads.

This one is just...ahhhh baby.  There are  no words:


I'm pretty much obsessed with everything in this room from the most recent issue of Elle Decor but that chandelier puts it over the top for me:


The lamp on the bathroom countertop is bothering me (something a stylist did just for the photo I hope!) but that chandelier is absolute perfection!

If a chandy is good enough for "Jenny From the Block" it's good enough for me:


Why have only one chandelier when a grouping is this amazing?


And, if you absolutely must have a drum shade, I approve of this one:


I'm going to shut this post down before I make a regretful joke about "enlightening" anyone.  Harharhar.....


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