Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review: Gimme More

For our final installment of the "Year in Review" series, I wanted to focus on what I loved in 2011and  hope to see more of in 2012. Initially I wanted to focus on the not-so-good and downright heinous in 2011 design and decorating but there was just too much that I was excited by.  So I'm keeping it positive this time!

Not all of these trends are specific to 2011 (like #1) but they were still going strong this year and I'm hoping they continue into 2012.

White kitchens:

Especially with dark floors and rustic elements!

2. Painted floors

3. Eclecticism!  This was a breakout year for mixed styles, eras and I found myself shouting "Hallelujah!" as I saw more supposed style boundaries being broken.  The days of "What Style Are You" designing are hopefully on their way out.  Are any of us really 100% one style?  With that eclecticism came a bold use of color and mixed patterns made me really, really happy (like Domino Magazine came back happy!) in 2011.  Let's hope this trend remains strong in 2012 

Thanks to all of you stuck with me this past year and have given your time and sweet words of encouragement.  I hope that along with me giving consistent and quality content, your being here is a trend that continues into the new year.

Have a safe and very very Happy New Year!!


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