Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reveal! Guest Bedroom Design Board

Hooooo boy! Designing for yourself is bruuuu-hu-tuhl. The paralyzing indecision, the constant second guessing.....the night sweats. Ok, so there weren't any actual night sweats.  Not over my guest bedroom at least.  There are plenty of things that keep me awake at night, like hearing dogs barking at 2am (why are there dogs OUTSIDE at 2am? Did their people forget them? Did someone leave them outside all alone on purpose??? Should I go knock on their door and tell them that's not ok?), thankfully this project was not one of those things.  

I went back and forth over how I wanted this bedroom to feel.  Dark, rich and cave-like (perfect for sleeping late into the morning) or light, airy and restful?  In the end, I think we have something in-between.

As for the palette, I knew I wanted to use navy and emerald green.  A classic color combination that I can accent with tangerine, coral, violet, turquoise etc... as my mood and trends change.

Some of the images that have inspired the color scheme:


I love the idea of adding a pop of blush to freshen up what could easily become a stuffy palette.

Emily Henderson uses just a bit of navy and green, tempered with lots of crisp white, keeping it feeling fresh instead of stuffy.


A blue velvet, tufted headboard???  Yes please!


So here's the general idea:

I'm keeping the walls a light taupe, the bedding will be mostly white with a vintage coverlet and green in the pillows to accent.  I still need to find the fabric for pillows, sew the pillows, source and probably paint the nightstands, upholster the headboard inset (once I find the right navy fabric), create an art wall (which will include the painting shown on the board - so dreamy and pretty!) sew window panels with the navy trellis fabric and find a few accessories. 


This little guest bedroom of mine is shaping up to be quite a project.  I'm so excited to see it begin to take shape!  First item on the "To Do" list: dress up the lampshades for my vintage lamps with a little trim.

One step at a time!


  1. The palette is so pretty and I'm in love with the headboard!

    1. Thanks Maggie! Here's hoping my headboard upholstery job will turn out. :)


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