Friday, March 2, 2012

For Your Weekend

Thank you so SO much to everyone who emailed me some super nice words about Wednesday's post. I really appreciate all of the encouragement! I can't wait to get sixty|sixty off the ground and really rolling.  I'm excited to see it grow...hopefully sooner rather than later. (hint hint to all you Phoenicians!). :D

I've made further progress on my guest room, painted a nightstand (which I love!!) and purchased a couple of lamps (which I'm still on the fence about). The lamps are from HomeGoods and they work but I was really hoping to find something vintage.  However, with my March 31st deadline looming, it's time to make some final decisions so the time for hemming and hawing is over. I'll give the vintage route one more shot on Tuesday and if I don't find anything that I like any better than the HomeGoods lamps, which really are adorable, the searching stops.  I'll post some update photos of the nightstand and some other goodies I recently acquired, on Monday.

In the latest issue of Rue Magazine, I was giddy to see a couple of pages devoted to a Navy-Peach color combo. Such a perfect pairing of feminine and masculine.  I absolutely love these colors together!

Here's another preview of the photo goodness inside:

Those Rue girls just do it up right every time, don't they?

Another girl who always does it up right is Naomi at Design Manifest. She has amazing taste and combines patterns like nobody's business. Check out a sneak peek of her latest bathroom redo. 

I love the pop of bright coral in an otherwise subtly hued palette. Her design also has me rethinking my usual "meh" attitude on cornice boards. Hers is just so pretty!

With Pinterest-fever spreading like the plague, a whole crop of issues on giving proper credit for photos is also on the rise. The designers, stylists, bloggers and photographers all work so hard to create pin-worthy images that we all love so much. The least that all of us pinning monkeys can do is to take an extra 30 seconds to find the original source of the image and make sure they get proper credit.

Not sure how to find the original source? We-he-helll.... Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms does and she shares tips on how to use Google Image Search to find the original source for many a pinned image. Check out her very helpful post here.

Everything ombre is all the rage these days and Danielle at Danielle Oakey made herself a little (ok, it's actually a really big piece) of DIY ombre art.

{via Danielle Oakey}
She was also so kind as to take step-by-step photos and shows us exactly how to make it ourselves. Head on over to her blog and see how easy she makes it look.

If you've ever bought a new lamp because of the gorgeous base but found yourself not exactly loving the boring white shade that comes standard, Jenny at Little Green Notebook shows us how to glam it up with a little paint. This technique is also perfect for those vintage lamps whose yellowing shades have seen better days.


Dramatic eh?  This red is just so perfect!

If you've got a clever/beautiful/inspiring DIY of your own that you'd like to share on "For Your Weekend", send 'em my way! I'd love to feature some reader projects.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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