Friday, March 16, 2012

Life Before Pinterest

Isn't it so hard to remember a time before Pinterest?  What did we used to do all day anyway?  Before Pinterest took over our lives, how did we plan outfits, find recipes, decorate our homes or plan butt-lifting workouts we have no intention of ever doing? All I know is that I can never go back to a world without Pinterest. Never.

Like me, do you still have all these little "Inspiration" folders saved in every nook and cranny on your hard drive?  So, I've been going through mine lately, (figure I'd better upload these gems to my various boards) and it's like I'm discovering them for the first time all over again.

I don't have original sources for any of them so if they belong to you or if you know where they might be from, please share and I'll gladly give proper credit.

Holy mother of...oh that hood!  And the marble!  Ooooh do you see that wallpaper (I think that's wallpaper) on the back of the upper cabinets?  I don't know if I would ever need so many faucets but suddenly I really really want them. One thing though, are those eggs in the middle canisters on the counter? Man I'm in love with this kitchen! Egg-filled canisters and all.

This is my kitchen from the country cottage in my head.  Simple, no frills but perfectly charming in every way.  I have the sudden urge to make raspberry scones with lemon curd and serve fragrant cups of tea out of vintage mismatched cups.  Normally, accessorizing the tops of upper cabinets make me want to punch myself but when it's done in a way that looks like maximizing storage, instead of buying useless accessories for no good reason, I'm all over it.

That beamed wall, fantastic.  This is another room in the country cottage in my head. Pretty sure those beams are from trees that were original to the property and were painstakingly cut by the people who settled this land. The country cottage in my head has a rich, rich history you know.

Rich, rich, rich.  Luxe, luxe, luxe. Love, love, love.  Yes it's another white kitchen with a marble backsplash and there certainly are no shortages of white kitchens but don't you love how they painted (or stained?) the frame around the glass uppers? How about the mix of white cabinetry with that delicious walnut island? Just lovely.

The gigante hood, the beamed ceiling, the corbels under the uppers - I adore it all! Love the well-worn looking stools and oh boy, check the finish on the little snippet of wood floor sneaking into frame behind the stools.  I think they're also from trees original to the property and hand cut by the original builders.

Tufted green velvet, luxe mirrors, rustic wood texture, painted brick...gah, this makes me so happy. I love the mood of this room. The only thing that would make me happier than living in this room would be tucking into that daybed with a vodka tonic.  I look down and on the floor next to me is a basket containing every issue of Domino magazine ever published.....also, no one has ever cracked a single one of them. Do you have chills too?

Do you get the sense that I'm very good at daydreaming?  It's a little out of control yes?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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