Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Styling Inspiration

As I enter the home stretch in my guest room makeover, I'm focusing on the details that make a room feel finished and fully decorated.  The big players are in place (drapery sewing will be wrapped up within hours!) and it's time to start styling.

This just might be my absolute favorite part of the design process. I love all the pretty little things that dress up a space.

Since this room will be used almost exclusively by guests, it's important that accessories be somewhat functional in addition to looking gorgeous. A pretty bowl or vessel on a nightstand to hold jewelry as it is removed for the day is both useful and decorative.  I'm thinking a tray on the dresser, a vintage alarm clock for one nightstand and whatever other lovelies I've collected in my recent vintage shopping excursions. Flowers are always a thoughtful and welcoming touch.

As much as I want to load up every single surface with decorative goodies, I'm going to leave at least a speck of room for guests to lay out their own odds and ends.  I think that's called "being a good host".


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