Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings: Seriously Random Post

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Saturday night I ended up going to a local brewpub to celebrate the birthday of one of my best girlfriends.  I had the most delicious drink that was so perfectly refreshing I'm making it my official drink of Summer 2012. It's called "The Moscow Mule" and it's made with vodka, a thyme-infused simple syrup (or fresh lime juice) and topped off with ginger beer.  It is absolute summertime perfection! I'm on a personal quest to find a recipe and make it my own.

Aside from the birthday festivities and household chores (SO much dusting! One of the very few things I detest about living in AZ, the constant battle between me and the dust covering every inch of everything in our home. Grrrrr) there was also a healthy bit of pinning going on.

Some of my recent faves:

How amazing is that door frame?  All the mouldings and the flooring aren't too shabby either but that frame steals the show for me.

Another stunner combining serious amounts of moulding and wood floors in herringbone pattern caught my eye.


I love absolutely everything about this one:

The soft palette is perfection, the shape of the wingbacks is eeeeeverything and don't even get me started on that tufted ottoman!  Want it, need it, hafta have it!

This is the sort of outfit I imagine myself wearing while traipsing around the streets of NYC on my own next month:

Easy, breezy and not trying to hard but with some seriously stylish details (leopard belt, coral cocktail ring and the perfect sunnies).

I'd like to add this watch to the ensemble:

Hell, if I had a Rolex, I'd be adding that thing to every outfit!

This is how I picture what me traipsing around NYC without a care in the world will look like:

What I fear it will look like:

I don't even own a fanny pack so I'm not really all that worried it would ever be this bad but, you know.

Have a good one and I'll see ya Weds!


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