Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Extremely Whiny and Incredibly Sore

So I woke up this morning virtually unable to move my neck more than an inch in either direction. The right side is particularly sore. Like I want to punch myself in the face because it hurts so bad. To make matters worse, we have landscapers tearing up our backyard as we speak. Which by itself is a wonderful wonderful thing, the backyard is in desperate need of an intervention. But a couple of our dogs are not taking the presence of the invaders very well.  Every 10 minutes or so Abby lets out the loudest, most brain-shattering violent bark to let them know that she knows they're out there and she does not like one bit. These barks startle me so suddenly, causing my neck to whip instantly and extremely painfully in her direction.

I am feeling more than slightly rage-tastic.

Instead of today's regularly scheduled post, let's look at dreamy white bedrooms where horrible neck pain and obnoxious barking dogs (who I really do love to pieces, we're just having a moment) are not allowed.


See you back here Friday. Except for you neck pain. You're not welcome.


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