Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Fixes for Your Home: Hanging Drapery

By now you may have seen this illustration from Elements of Style floating around the Pinterverse:

I'm actually not sure where this image originated but EOS is where I first saw it.

Those of us in the design community often take it for granted that certain principles, like hanging drapery nice and high are common knowledge. But when I think back to the decorating I did before I went to school and worked in the field (aka: "Before I Knew Better"), I can see that I myself did some of the very things in my home that clients now pay me to "undo" for them.

Sponge painted walls anyone?  In my defense, I was a very impressionable 12 year-old. Lynette Jennings and Christopher Lowell had quite a hold on me back then.

So I thought I'd create a series for this week featuring a few commonly made design mistakes that many of us have innocently made (before we knew better!) along with some ways to fix them quickly and inexpensively.

We'll start today with the inspiration for this series, "The Proper Height for Drapery".

These panels below are pretty but all of that excess space between them and the ceiling is making the entire room feel squatty. If you're lucky enough to have nice high ceilings, accentuate that much-coveted feature with floor-to-ceiling drapery. 

To contrast, see how much better this room feels with curtains that go all the way up? The room feels more polished and the windows have more presence.


So what's the solution if you have existing curtains that barely clear the window header and no budget for new drapery? Just find a second fabric that works with them and sew on an accent band to extend the length of your existing curtains. Make sure that your accent fabrics are somewhat similar in texture and weight so it looks purposeful.


Not sure how to measure for and install drapery rods? Here's a link to a great tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed on how to create a template for hanging curtain rods. And if you're looking to add length to ready made panels but the thought of sewing makes you queasy, Janell shows you how to achieve the same results with a little help from stitch witchery.

"Quick Fixes" series returns on Wednesday with helpful tips on hanging art and some common mistakes people make when selecting art for the home.

If you'd like help creating a home that you absolutely adore, email Sarah Elizabeth Interior Design to schedule a consultation.

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  1. You speak my drape language.

    My latest whine has been my curtains. What I want so far I only find in the shower version and fabric paint makes me hedgy.



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