Friday, April 27, 2012

For Your Weekend: Spring Trad Home

I swore to myself that after finishing our guest room redesign I would give myself a break before jumping into another at-home project. I planned on waiting until after BlogFest to even start thinking about which room was next on our "To Do" list.  Then, along came the Spring issue of Trad Home Magazine and dammit, I'm all inspired!

Here's the spread that did me in:

My ultimate goal in life is to have a house on the water and this home (designed by Melanie Turner of Atlanta) perfectly captures the mood I want.

Classic details, casually elegant with modern touches. I absolutely adore the color palette. So serene and airy but with bright accents here and there.

Love the mix of pattern in this bedroom.

How fantastic are the dog portraits???!!!

I suppose a kitchen like this would do in the coastal home of my dreams.

I want this house for that beam alone!

I'm so inspired to take this look and incorporate it in to my home ASAP. My master bedroom doesn't like the way I've been "looking at it" since seeing these images.  It knows what the guest bedroom went through to become the pretty little room it is today.

Spend a little time this weekend turning the pages of this issue. If the feature above isn't your thing, there's such a wide variety of looks that you'll easily find something to love.

Maybe this?

Perhaps this?

Abso-freaking-lutely this!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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