Monday, May 7, 2012

My New Niece & Mother's Day Gifts

Over the weekend, a sweet and perfectly pink addition made her way into the world. My beautiful, younger sister Amanda received the best possible Mother's Day gift and I got another adorable new niece to dote on. I'm completely over the moon about her so pardon all of my gushing.

Meet Eden Jane:

My blue-eyed, blonde and button-nosed sister was wise enough to fall in love and marry a man with the "impossibly full and rosy lips" genes we're definitely missing in our family.  Their kids are lucky to have all the best features of both families.  Like her two big sisters and brother, Little Eden Jane is sure to become quite a beauty. I can't wait to go make a big fuss over her and get my fill of that heavenly new baby smell.

If a new baby isn't a possibility (how's that for a segue?), I put together a few other excellent ideas for Mother's Day gifts. From high-to-low, casual to chic and Etsy to Tiffany there's something here to please any mom and any budget. If it were me, I'd choose the Irene Wood turquoise necklace and a few of those salted caramels.

Scarf, Wallet, Necklace, Candle, Sea Salt Caramels, Necklace, Peonies, Dress

Or, go for something completely non-traditional and give the women in your life a gift certificate towards any of our design services at Sarah Elizabeth Interior Design. Email me for information on our special Mother's Day rates!


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