Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Craigslist Finds

Happy 3-day weekend everyone!  I haven't trolled Craigslist Phoenix in a while and today there were actually several really good finds that I had to share.  Most of these items just need a little TLC to reach their true potential. 

All sorts of mid-century, Danish goodness no?  I'd love to have that smart little pair of striped chairs for myself.  Such a great shape!  I'm envisioning a modern geometric or maybe a linen with nailhead trim.  

Unfortunately where there is Craigslist "GOOD" there must also be Craigslist "BAD".  And hoo-boy is there some seriously bad "BAD".

This little lovely is advertised as a "two-person massaging lounger".  Can you imagine sitting in that gold pleather nightmare by yourself, much less sharing the ride with another person vibrating right next to you?  Maybe after a few drinks you say?  Well, happy weekend to you and your "two-person massaging lounger".  I promise not to judge.  

I imagine someone in the 80's snorted something off this tabletop.  

Yes, this is really a lamp.  An innocent cowboy boot and hat was sacrificed for Debbie Decorator's weekend hobby.

The rest of the house better watch out because by the looks of the table & lamp, whatever the chair has appears to be contagious.  The really sad thing about this chair is that it looks like pretty decent upholstery work.

I don't know about you but after all that ugly I really need a drink.  I don't have a cocktail recipe for you today because it really feels like a beer kind of day to me. It's 102 degrees here today and nothing sounds better in ridiculously hot weather than cold, delicious beer.  If you're looking for something good to try, here are a couple of my favorites:

Have a happy & safe holiday weekend everyone!


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