Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Am I Missing Something??

It's no secret that I love magazines, especially shelter magazines.  All those gorgeously lit, perfectly styled, glossy photos of glossy rooms I'll probably never be able to afford.  Living vicariously in "magazine world" for a few minutes is just what a girl needs to recharge those creative batteries.  
I also think they're great sources of inspiration and I love being able to see what (or who!) is new and hot in the world of design.  

The June issue of Traditional Home Magazine has some really gorgeous spreads.  Great traditional style but done in a fresh, modern way.

Some of my favorites:

This photo of one home owner's dog is charming and unintentionally hilarious.  

However, something horrible seems to happen towards the end of the issue.  Bad wicker, chintz and oh, dear god...forest green.  It's like the 80's hijacked my pretty, pretty magazine! 
Please forgive me for subjecting you to this:

You might not be able to tell but the decorative item on the wicker shelves, between the wicker chair and wicker sofa is a squirrel.  Wicker can be cozy, cottage-y and pretty but it can also go real bad, real fast if you're not careful.  A can of forest green spray paint combined with wicker = hot, dated mess.

The floral chintz slipcovers are the easy target here but what is really pissing me off about this is that ridiculous bath mat of an area rug under the cocktail table.  That and the BOWL OF FRUIT on the FLOOR underneath the table.  What the hell?!  Is this for real?  Are people in the magazine world really trying to tell us we should aspire to this nonsense?  THIS is worthy of a four-page spread in a national magazine?  I know this home is in Arkansas but I refuse to believe that good design doesn't exist in the Ozarks or that they're all in a forest green and chintz draped time-warp. I've seen homes on blogs by stay-at-home moms with absolutely no formal design training that are better designed.  All that's missing here are doilies and a bowl of ribbon candy.

I don't have a problem with someone designing their home to look like this or even hiring a designer to help them achieve a look like this.  People like what they like and if it makes them happy, it's THEIR home and who am I to criticize them for what they do in their own home?   

I just don't think it belongs in a magazine that is setting trends and showcasing talent. Even if a particular design style isn't my personal taste, I can still admire good work and find inspiration in the execution.  But this......ick.  Sorry fella who did all this work and is so proud, for my rant about the home you love but will you please do yourself a favor and at least get that damned bowl of fruit off the floor? 

What do you guys think?  Is it really as bad as I'm making it out to be?  Am I overreacting and just plain hateful?

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  1. I have ZERO training. This looks like a home where grandma lives and she hasn't changed anything in 25-30 years. Blech. And seriously, they can't have any pets with that fruit on the ground, so again, grandma and Rover died 10 years ago.


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