Friday, May 20, 2011

New Look - New Adventures!

You may have noticed this blog has a whole new look today!  What do you think?  I for one am IN LOVE!  I absolutely couldn’t be happier with the transformation. I worked with the very talented Erin from Designer Blogs and would happily recommend them.

It is very appropriate that the day the new look went “live” happened to be the same day as a major upheaval in my work life.  Without getting into any sordid details, my 9-5 job came to an abrupt end this week.  The decision was difficult but necessary and while the future has some sense of uncertainty, I feel like a giant, extremely stressful weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I’m also feeling excitement about new, yet to be revealed opportunities that are perhaps right around the corner.  

The decision I am wrestling with now is whether to look for another safe and unfulfilling, 9-5er with a guaranteed income or take a big, scary risk and try to make doing what I love (freelance writing, design work and this blog) into a full-time, income producing gig.  Knowing what I want to do is the easy part; convincing myself that right now is the appropriate time to take this risk – not so easy.

Without sounding like a cheesy, inspirational quote I really do think there are choices in all of our lives that can determine, or at least greatly influence, the direction that the rest of your life will take.  For me, this might just be one of those choices.  

 I think I’m ready for a little adventure.


  1. Your blog is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the job, but you are such a talented writer!! Keep up with the Blog for sure! I enjoy reading!!
    XO Jen

  2. wow wow wow! So many changes! I love it! You will do great no matter what you do! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the support guys! I appreciate you all for reading!


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